Literary Works By Warren M. Mueller

The Truth Seeker Series

  • Truth Seeker: Bible Topics: Third Edition

    Author Warren Mueller has read the Bible daily since 1979. He has served as a deacon, a Sunday school teacher, and a member of the Gideons International. With Truth Seeker: Bible Topics, he hopes to provide clarity regarding what the Bible says about many popular subjects in a succinct and objective format. Truth Seeker: Bible Topics offers a concise summary of what the Bible says about over thirty practical living and theological topics and includes many Bible quotes to provide additional information on each topic.   Read More...

  • Truth Seeker: Mormon Scriptures & The Bible

    Are Mormons Christians? What do they believe? How do their beliefs compare with other Christian religions?

    I have been impressed by the dedication of Mormon missionaries, the beauty of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the majestic architecture of Mormon temples. I have known several Mormons and they seem to be family oriented people who live out their faith in tangilble ways. As American culture drifts towards situation ethics and values based on surveys, Mormons are like other Christians in that they tend to be conservative and look to their Church and Scriptures for guidance.

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  • Truth Seeker: Objections to Christianity

    In recent years, there have been a number of popular books that have questioned who Jesus was. Was he a Zealot, Messiah, misunderstood prophet or someone who was mythologized by the Roman Church to gain power and influence? This book explores these and many other objections to traditional Christian views as a dialogue between a father and son who hold polar opposite beliefs about Jesus, his message and his mission.

  • Truth Seeker: More Objections to Christianity

    Was Jesus a Zealot? Has the tomb of Jesus been discovered? Was Christianity an outgrowth of Mystery Religions? What is the relationship between Christianity and the Essenes or Gnostics? Did the Catholic Church create a Bible that is different from apostolic writings? These are some of the questions that have surfaced in recent years and that are discussed in this book. Warren's father was a deep thinker, a voracious reader and seeker after historical truths. He adopted many ideas that challenged traditional Christian views. He believed that religious and political institutions have altered history to reflect their views. While this is true to an extent, there are

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  • Truth Seeker: The Human Condition

    Have you ever wondered why humans think and act the way we do? This book explores how we are wired and the limitations and biases of the way we are designed. It also explores the convergence of science and the Bible based on recent discoveries. It then develops models that synthesis and harmonize this information to explain the meaning and purpose of being human.


The Dawn Herald Series

  • The Past And Future King: Book I Of The Dawn Herald Series

    In following with the tradition of fantastical sagas, The Past & Future King delves into the genre with a new and exciting approach. Rife with Biblical undertones, the story follows our hero, Tom, as he embarks on a journey through mystical worlds on his quest to save Earth and his people from destruction at the hands of evil. His encounters with those intent on world domination set an epic background as Tom and his followers struggle to prevent the deviant Molech from extending his reign of terror though multiple dimensions. The tale that follows is filled with mythical creatures and delicious descriptions as a fresh and unique foray into the world of Tolkien and

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  • Kingdoms In Turmoil: Book II Of The Dawn Herald Series

    Kingdoms clash and families are torn apart as the Brotherhood of Andhun imposes its beliefs on mankind. Amid the strife Tom falls in love with a Princess who has vowed to only marry nobility.

  • The Sons Of Light: Book III Of The Dawn Herald Series

    The Dawn Herald Trilogy concludes with the revelation of the identities of the twelve sons of light.
    The survivors of the fall of the last stronghold resisting the Brotherhood of Andhun seek refuge among the elves in the Valley of Glainne. A council is called during which the Creator appears as a shimmering globe of light. Tom, Oriana, Min and others receive different telepathic instructions about quests that they must complete before the sons of light are revealed. Thus, begins several parallel stories that converge in a climactic battle as the armies of Devlin surround and invade the Forbidden Mountains, which holds a glowing slab of rock with

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