Literary Works By Warren M. Mueller

The Sons Of Light: Book III Of The Dawn Herald Series

    The Dawn Herald Trilogy concludes with the revelation of the identities of the twelve sons of light.
    The survivors of the fall of the last stronghold resisting the Brotherhood of Andhun seek refuge among the elves in the Valley of Glainne. A council is called during which the Creator appears as a shimmering globe of light. Tom, Oriana, Min and others receive different telepathic instructions about quests that they must complete before the sons of light are revealed. Thus, begins several parallel stories that converge in a climactic battle as the armies of Devlin surround and invade the Forbidden Mountains, which holds a glowing slab of rock with magical powers.
    Don't miss the conclusion of this exciting adventure in which an ancient prophecy is fulfilled and selected beings are transformed into sons of light that herald a new age in the history of the earth.