Literary Works By Warren M. Mueller

Truth Seeker: Mormon Scriptures & The Bible

    Are Mormons Christians? What do they believe? How do their beliefs compare with other Christian religions?

    I have been impressed by the dedication of Mormon missionaries, the beauty of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the majestic architecture of Mormon temples. I have known several Mormons and they seem to be family oriented people who live out their faith in tangilble ways. As American culture drifts towards situation ethics and values based on surveys, Mormons are like other Christians in that they tend to be conservative and look to their Church and Scriptures for guidance.

    This interest and curiosity led me to study Mormon scriptures and compare them with the Bible. Each chapter of this book is a summary of each of the books that make up The Book Of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price and Doctrines & Covenants. This is followed by a discussion of internal inconsistencies, differences from the Bible and historical problems.