Literary Works By Warren M. Mueller


  • It's Our Heritage

    This is an article that I wrote and submitted to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in response to the view that The Ten Commandments should be removed from government buildings.
    Our government should protect the religious freedoms of all its citizens but it should not be in the business of judging whether the architecture and monuments of govenment buildings offend a minority of its citizens.  ...   Read More...

  • Power Grab Disguised As Benevolence

    You reap what you sow are ancient words of wisdom that are relevant to the gun control debate today. Everyone agrees that something must be done to minimize the repeat of the New Town tragedy. However, what can or should be done is contentious. We should be focusing on the root cause of gun homicides in order to prevent them. The root cause lies in the thinking of those who contemplate and carry out gun violence. ...   Read More...

  • Review: A Hunger For God by John Piper

    This book answers many of the questions about fasting in the life of a Christian. Pastor Piper points out that there are many forms of fasting performed by members of various relgions. Some people like Ghandi fasted for political reasons. Others are motivated to fast to loose weight or prove to themselves and others that they have self control. Pastor Piper points out that mere self denial does not equate to doing something spiritually good. Thus, there ...   Read More...